Garage Door Maintenance Plans for the Boise Area
Garage Door Maintenance Plans for the Boise Area

Learn about our Garage Door Maintenance Plans for the Boise Area

Your garage door will open and close thousands of times during its lifespan, meaning it has thousands of opportunities to slip off of its tracks, snap a spring, or just shut down. If you want to increase your garage door's lifespan and decrease the chances of it breaking down, you need preventive services.

A comprehensive maintenance plan can save you time and money in the long run.  Our maintenance plan to ensure your garage door works properly year-round includes:
  • Every six months we will come to your home or rental property to inspect the components of your garage door opener system, including cables, tracks and rollers, spring, and overall operation. We’ll make sure to lubricate as necessary to maintain smooth operation and long garage door life.
  • We will test your motor and remote and replace your batteries.
  • We will thoroughly inspect every part of your garage door system to see what might be at risk of breaking.  We’ll catch potential damage before it costs you.

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Wood Garage Door Maintenance

A wood garage door can be a beautiful addition to your home.  However, with that beauty comes quite a bit of maintenance.  Below is a list of suggested year maintenance:
  • Look for any areas of wood that may be rotting.  Check the bottom of the door, trimwork, and other areas.
  • Look for termites, beetles, or any other pests that may be eating at or boring into your wood.  If you find any pests contact our partner company Keeley Pest Control for excellent pest control services.
  • If any part of the wood finish is peeling or chipping, it should be refinished before the wood underneath gets damaged.  
  • Along with the extra maintenance for wood, make sure to check for how smoothly your door is operating and if the garage door seals are still sealing properly.
If you would like us to maintain your wood garage door, call us at (208) 283-6792 and we can talk about a maintenance plan customized to your needs.


“Best service ever!  Prompt, courteous and professional. Sent someone the first day.  Justin was knowledgeable and efficient in repairing my garage door.  I will use them again!”

- Al M.


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