Garage Door Installation in Meridian, ID
Garage Door Installation in Meridian, ID

New Garage Door Installation in Boise, ID

Depend on our local Boise garage door specialists to take care of the entire installation!
Whether you’re working on new construction or adding on, Keeley Garage Doors can handle all parts of your garage door installation including:
-Construction - From installing door panels, springs, track, cables, to torsion rods and pulleys, we will install a safe and long lasting garage door.
- Garage Door Motor installation - The perfect amount of tension will keep your opener working for years to come.  Too little or too much tension can damage it so it is not as long lasting.  Our professionals will get the tension just right!
-Wiring - Wiring garage door sensors is important to install correctly for the safety of your family.  If they are not working properly, the garage door can come down when a person, bike, or other object is in the way.  We will make sure your sensors are working correctly. 
-Remote setup - If you are wondering how to install a garage door keypad or remote, we will take care of all of that for you.  We do this so often, no need to spend hours trying to figure out what we can take care of for you in minutes.  

We install and maintain all makes and models of garage door systems, including Liftmaster, Northwest Door, and doorLink Manufacturing. Whether the job calls for steel, vinyl, or wood doors, or a new insulated garage door, Keeley Garage Doors has the experience and know-how to do every job right, every time.
Keeley Garage Doors’ garage door system in Boise Idaho
Keeley Garage Doors’ garage door system in Boise Idaho
We work closely with contractors, construction managers, and home-service professionals to make garage door installation a seamless part of your project 

Whether your construction is a turnkey project, a do-it-yourselfer, or under a single builder, Keeley Garage Doors’ garage door system experts work as an integral part of your team. We are friendly, positive folks who take pride in workmanship and bring that can-do attitude to every job! Why settle for an “enclosed carport” when you install your new automatic garage door system? 

We provide our superior service at a very affordable price. If you need a garage door installation in Meridian, Nampa, Kuna, or Boise, call (208) 283-6792 for a consultation and bid.


“Helped me work through some unique installation/design challenges, very responsive, great price, and great quality.”

-Mike B. in Caldwell, ID


Contact Keeley Garage Doors today to ask about our garage door maintenance service. An experienced garage door specialist will be happy to answer your questions.
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